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                Dongguan Jiefu marks the end of the first table tennis match

                Release date:2015/8/13 16:38:48

                In order to enrich employees amateur cultural life, active atmosphere, enhance the cohesion of employees, in late April dongguan Jeff held the first Olympic table tennis competition.A total of 12 people from different divisions of the company took part in the game.
                Intense competition process, colorful, lively atmosphere, from different positions of the company staff in the game opened a fighting skill and strength.Adopt the knockout and circulation system.After three days of fierce competition, in the "friendship first, competition second" competitive atmosphere, Yang yi MingYi Road from of VIP client department, the last man outplayed other superb skill, won the championship, Yang yong won the second prize of quality inspection department, south China sales department won the third place in Beijing bright.
                The game ended in a harmonious laughter, which not only provides the staff with an opportunity to communicate with each other, every, also provides a display ourselves, constantly improve the opportunity.Also for the future of the company held a similar game has accumulated rich experience, inspired everyone's work enthusiasm, added a beautiful scenery line, more show contestant style and full of youth spirit, promote the healthy and harmonious development of the company.

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