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                Minmetals rare earth hit harden on five for non-ferrous plate

                Release date:2015/8/13 19:42:08

                "Coal fly color dance" market today, as of the time, coal stocks, China coal energy seal harden turbine coal rose more than 6%, yongtai, China shenhua energy rose more than 5%;Non-ferrous plate, minmetals rare earth hit harden, sheng and resources, high kair rose more than 7%.

                Sinolink securities believes that bullish on non-ferrous plate, the reason is that, first, the dollar index periodic adjustment.Second, economic stimulus policy, during march under moderate economy and the real estate data, market expectations for more stimulus will be introduced, for example, represented by accumulation fund loan and second-home loan policy of real estate policy;Liquidity double down expectations;Fiscal stimulus is likely to be overweight.Third, at present, a variety of metal prices are low, even in a below average cost, with the play with economy adjust policy effect, the new cycles of metal prices are brewing.Fourth, non-ferrous plate facing the transformation and reform policies to promote opportunities, such as electricity price reform, state-owned enterprises reform is good for non-ferrous industry.Fifth, the early stage of the colored stagnation, the market style is likely to switch, non-ferrous is expected to benefit.Therefore, the liquidity for easing economic stimulus policies, such as industry continuously introduce the background of the reform and policy, should step up configuration of non-ferrous plate.

                Citic built for that second quarter growth pressure will drive a series of policies, real estate sales continue to rebound;The coal industry is expected to be down to 13% VAT, the second quarter is expected to be proven at the bottom of the coal industry.In the second quarter of the right time to do more coal, coal plate, continue to recommend LuAn ring can recommend mark, shanxi coal going, yangquan coal, panjiang shares, energy, international, China shenhua and yanzhou coal hill.Transformation of the coal stocks recommended configuration tigers (yongtai energy, AnYuan coal, rui trade links, yili energy).

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